New RESPA rules and the Mortgage Reform Act of 2009 require more disclosure to borrowers early on in the home lending process. These regulations provide stiff penalties for significant inaccuracies. GFE Accu-Rate allows you to go online and get quotes instantly without making a phone call or sending a single email. There is no waiting. However, speed is not the only calling card of GFE Accu-Rate. It also allows you to customize the fee quote to your particular transaction, giving you exactly what you need.

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Discounted rates are available for our network of partners and their clients. Ask your escrow officer if your client qualifies for a discounted rate.

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Lawyers Agent is Real Estate's #1 Net Sheet & Closing Cost App. This powerful tool gives you the ability to give quick, easy estimates to any Real Estate financial question you may come across. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac.

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