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Commercial Farms

You can search for all commercial type properties by City, Zip Code or street boundaries. 3-5 business day turnaround. Apache, Coconino, Navajo, Yavapai Counties Only.
Geographic Farms

You can select to search by subdivision, property or parcel number. Phone numbers are available but very limited. No min order required. 3-5 business day turnaround.
Listing Kits/Comps

Comps, demographics, neighborhood information, business information maps, vesting deed and liens. 1-3 business day turnaround. Apache, Coconino, Navajo, Yavapai Counties Only.
General Information/Residential

Vesting Deeds, Liens, CC&R's, maps, etc. 1-3 business day turnaround.
To better serve you, we offer specialty farm kits. Please see some of the many options below. Please Contact Us for more information:
AVM Access Code

Proprietary analysis of your home and community in today's market. $9.00 a record. 2-3 business turnaround. Single Family Residence Only.
Premier Leads

Current loan information as updated as county records. Can search for Arms but cannot be specific with coming due dates, type of arm, etc. Can search for 2nd mortgages, LTV and Equity. No minimum order is required for these leads and they are $.04 a record. 3-5 business day turnaround. Nationwide where available.
Rate Rider Leads

Can search specifics on Arms such as loan coming due dates, LTV, Specific type of arm, etc. 3-5 business day turnaround. The pricing for leads are $0.35 a record without Rate Rider Document and $0.65 a record with Rate Rider documents included.
Standard Courtesy Farm

Purchase only information - the original loan taken out at the time of purchase of the home. No refinanced loans. Cannot search for Arms coming due dates, LTV or 2nds. Can search by specific surname type, absentee owners, sub-prime lenders. 3-5 business turnround.


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